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Winterthur How to view Facebook Live Video: At this time, our church is only posting to Facebook Live for video streaming. You can view videos without a Facebook account. You just need to be able to access Facebook through your preferred method (computer, smartphone, tablet with an internet or cellular connection).


  1. Please click on the link:
  2. You will see recent videos from our Sunday and Wednesday services.
  3. Please note after you click on the link, you will see a window prompt asking you to login or create a Facebook account. Just click on “Not Now” and you should see our currently posted videos. (The window prompt asking for login will move to the bottom of your screen).
  4. When we post live tomorrow at 10 AM, one of the videos should display some type of “live” or “watch” notification on the thumbnail view.
  5. Click on that video thumbnail and you will be able to view the video in a larger size.
  6. By following steps 1 – 3, you would be able to view videos currently posted to our Facebook page today. This would be a good opportunity to test.
  7. If you need technical help, you can send an email to the following address:


Thank you and God bless.